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The mission of the Funders' Collaborative on Youth Organizing (FCYO) is to substantially increase the philanthropic investment in and strengthen the organizational capacities of youth organizing groups across the country.


FCYO has supported the field of youth organizing for over ten years.  We truly believe that the participation and leadership of young people, particularly young people of color, are critical in achieving social justice.


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FCYO Releases 2013 National Youth Organizing Field Scan

FCYO is proud to announce the release of its latest publication, our 2013 Field Scan: The State of the Field of Youth Organizing. This scan surveyed 111 youth organizing groups from across the country, and held focus groups to further engage 50 representatives from more than 40 youth organizing practitioner groups.  The resulting report is an important assessment of challenges and opportunities facing the field today, and offers recommendations for how to support this powerful and transformative work.

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     Executive Sumary    and   Full Report



A Statement on Ferguson from the Youth Table on Boys and Men of Color

Youth call on officials to ensure justice and and new measures to address police violence toward young people of color

This Youth Table was convened to inform President Obama’s call to action to improve the lives of boys and men of color.  We are comprised of national networks and organizations representing tens of thousands of young people of color who are organizing in their communities.  Today we stand together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ferguson, MO and the family of Michael Brown.  We call on local and national officials to ensure justice for Michael Brown, an end to the violent aggression toward peaceful protesters, and new measures to address police violence toward young people of color across the country.  We call on local and national philanthropic organizations to support community-centered organizing and capacity building efforts to ensure that youth and families in Ferguson have access to healing services and a long-term organizing infrastructure that will outlive this tragedy. We also request support for organizing efforts of young people across the country to address the systemic factors that perpetuate the criminalization of young people. 

For all those who have come together under the banner of My Brothers’ Keeper and other initiatives to support young men of color, we say that now is the time to stand up and take action against the violence being enacted against young men of color.  We cannot call on men of color to take responsibility if we are silent when they are being killed and beaten by representatives of our own government. 

Our country’s history is fraught with violence toward young people who look like us.  From the children being detained on US borders, to Ferguson, to failing schools, Black and Brown youth are being attacked physically and mentally.  The militarization of police forces and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have terrorized our communities.  The fact that the federal budget calls for $250 million for police in schools and only $50 million for restorative justice will only continue the criminalization of young people of color. 

We stand in support of the demands issued by the Organization for Black Struggle in St. Louis and the national Hands Up Don't Shoot Coalition.  Locally this includes a swift and impartial investigation by the Department of Justice into the Michael Brown shooting, theimmediate arrest of Officer Darren Wilson, and immediate de-escalation of militarized policing of peaceful protestors.  Nationally this includes that Eric Holder to use the full resources and power of the Department of Justice to implement a nationwide investigation of systemic police brutality and harassment in black and brown communities.

Furthermore, to address the broader national occurrence of police violence toward and criminalization of young people of color, we call on elected officials everywhere to enact the following policies:

·       The creation of community review boards in all police departments.

·       The implementation of cameras mounted on all police officers in departments with a history of racial disparities in stops, arrests, killings, and/or excessive force complaints.

·         An end to the use of police in schools for regular school security. 

·         An increase in funding for restorative justice programs in schools and communities.

·         That 1% of what is spent on policing should be redirected to education and youth development.  

For funders who care about improving the lives of boys and men of color, we make the following funding recommendations:

  • Provide direct support to organizations on the ground in Ferguson, such as the Organization for Black Struggle, that are organizing and providing healing spaces for young people.  This includes both immediate funding to deal with the current crisis and long term support to engage youth leaders in ongoing efforts to create transformative change. 

  • Fund groups organizing young people to address the criminalization of youth of color.  There is a vast network of organizations that engage young people of color in organizing to address the root causes of inequity in their communities.  These organizations work to simultaneously transform individual young people and their communities.  The Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing’s 2013 National Field Scan identified 27 organizations with active campaigns addressing police accountability, 38 addressing juvenile justice, 20 organizations addressing media justice, 10 organizations addressing militarization, and 58 organizations addressing educational justice and school discipline (FCYO will provide contact information to interested funders).

 As young people of color from across the country, we stand united in calling for an end to violence toward youth of color.  We are intelligent, we are powerful, and we are ready to organize.  We call on all our allies to join us in this struggle for justice.

A Statement from the Youth Table on Boys and Men of Color

Over the last three months, the Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing (FCYO) and the Movement Strategy Center (MSC) have helped to facilitate a Youth Table as part of the private sector initiative for boys and young men of color, which is working in conjunction with My Brother’s Keeper.  The Youth Table’s primary purpose is to ensure the voices of boys and young men of color are included in efforts to improve their lives, and as such they have released a statement and recommendations.  FCYO and MSC have also published a post written by a Youth Table Leader, Victor Carter of Kids ReThink New Orleans Schools, on his experiences and perspective on this work.  For more information on the Youth Table, please contact Eric Braxton (eric at fcyo dot org) or Carmen Iñiguez (carmen at movementstrategy dot org).